Chris Nylstoch b) 1979 Sydney. Archivist, Composer, Performer.

Nylstoch makes music with Sun of the Seventh Sister, Unaustralians and Esse  & The Brave New Sounds.

He has also worked with Splinter Orchestra/ NowNow, Bluebeard, Audio Pollen, X wave Decompositions and others.

“Played too loudly in the Sphincter Orchestra and is now the Osama Bin Lately of the new music world”

First encountered the  electric guitar at age 8 in 1987 – by inserting headphones into sound hole of acoustic guitar, plugged into JVC stereo mic input. Accompaniment consisted of explorations into consumer interactivity – multi-tracking and tape effects –mix tape collages using radio and static vinyl at different speeds, tv, video etc. this process developed into Housing Project recordings from 1994-2004

Co-founded Venting Gallery (2006) and helped to establish a cultural not-for-profit organisation, the Foundation for Contemporary Music & Culture Inc. (2010)

1994 – 2004 Housing Project  (300 tapes)

2004 – 2014 Rituals of the Captured Moment (1000 short movies)



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