Bonnie Hart


Bonnie Hart is an interdisciplinary artist and artsworker currently based in Brisbane, Australia.

Bonnie’s practice is an assemblage of digital and BonnieFilmFacephotochemical filmmaking, music, performance art, journaling, visual art and installation. Her expanded cinema performance is a fusion of performance stagecraft, the textural beauty of handmade celluloid and a tragicomedy of continually malfunctioning systems/equipment. Inspired by the symbolic, aethyric, mimetic nature of conceptual elaboration, Bonnie’s work is rooted in the gritty realism of the contemporary sociopolitical landscape.

High-energy avant-garde performer, vocal improviser and instrumentalist, solo and in collaboration – most notably with the theatrical grindcore band Unaustralians and ecstatic music collective Sun of the Seventh Sister.  Also  X-wave, Tracey, Starch Hearts, Knicker Onasis, Gerald KEaney and the GErald KEaneys, the Farm, 6-7-9, SUn of the Majik Burger, Tactile Response Group, Public Orgy

C o-founder of the infamous music and cinema laboratory Venting Gallery (2006) and establisher of  the cultural not-for-profit organisation, the Foundation for Contemporary Music & Culture Inc. (2010).  She is a contributing member of the giant puppet building and wielding co-operative, Upatree Arts and is the current President of the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia.

She has sacrificed her consonance to participate in the social media – Onnie Art

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